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NAPM-Central Illinois, an Affiliate of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), has been in operation for 58 years with a primary objective to provide professional development for its members through educational opportunities and personal networking. However, effective September 2015, NAPM-Central Illinois will cease to exist because it is dissolving.

As you can imagine, this was not an easy decision. During the last few years, board discussions revolved heavily on decreasing attendance, lack of member participation, and willingness to serve on the board. The board came up with new ideas to improve the declining areas including different speakers, different meeting locations, awards, and paying for members dinner meetings; however, none of these helped increase the declining participation (as a frame of reference, our membership and educational event attendance has declined 68% over the past 12 years). This reduction is likely caused by the current environment, where working professionals can seek training and networking opportunities through more convenient means. These factors played a large role in the board’s vote to dissolve. ISM is aware of our status as a dissolving Affiliate. If you recently renewed, and your membership is ongoing, it will be moved into a general membership with ISM where you may select another affiliate.

Once all debts are paid, remaining capital will be contributed to fund a Supply Chain Management Scholarship at the University of Illinois. Funding a supply chain management scholarship aligns with our objective as an Affiliate, and honors one of our founding members, Dr. Richard Hill. The Supply Chain Management Program at the University of Illinois was established by Dr. Hill, and currently there are about 150 students enrolled in this program. In closing, NAPM-Central Illinois Officers would like to extend their personal gratitude to everyone who supported the affiliate over the years and especially to those who contributed through board service. It is because of people like you that supply chain management has progressed to what it is today.

Please contact ISM should you have any questions about your membership.

Warm Regards,
Kyle Bounds
President, NAPM Central Illinois

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